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Unique Advantages

Unbreakable Encryption

  • Only Offered through WOLLA via our patented technology
  • Secure Communication.
  • Entire System Encrypted
  • Each Email has Multi-authentication Private Encryption
  • No Spam, Malware, or Viruses

Compatible with Existing Email Providers

Wolla seamlessly integrates your existing emails from any provider


  • Gmail
  • Yahoo
  • Hotmail
  • Outlook

If you can recite your name you can use WOLLA's Patented Technology

It's that simple.


Our Journey

  • 1993

    Email Brought to the Public

    America On-line brings email to the masses. Changes the workplace and the home forever.

  • March 2011

    Wolla Founded

    Frustrated with clumsy authentication methods, and the failure of emails to be relied upon as a secure form of authentication, our founders Christian Coleman and Randy Rector set out to find a better way

  • 2011-2015

    Massive Research and Development

    Engineers, Developers, Research Consultants, and Industry Experts are brought in to find a solution to email's lagging problems. Alpha products are built and tested. 10,000 global users are using early versions of Wolla

  • October 2015

    Technology Patented

    Wolla receives its patent This solidifies WOLLA as a market leader in encryption as the only company to offer multiple layer authentication

  • New Beta Being Released

    Be the Secure Your Name!

    Development is ramping up and we are looking to offer Wolla to you. You may now register your WOLLA user name before someone else gets it.

    Join the WOLLA Nation and take your privacy back.

Our Amazing Team

Christian Coleman


Randy Rector


Engineering Team

Software Developers and Project Leads


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Great products are built by small teams that work hard, think smart, and move fast.

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